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Luxury House

Anderson Ottawa

Fact 1: Erik Anderson has saved his clients $100's of thousands of dollars in commission selling homes vs the 5% model. 
Fact 2: Anderson Ottawa is a full service group that professionally saves people money with lower commission fees.
Fact 3: The numbers don't lie. 3% vs 5%. See below for $13,560 reasons why. 


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Luxury House

For Sale By Owner

Did you know that FSBO properties, on average, sell for less money? We are available 24-7 and strive to get your property maximum exposure to achieve the best market price. 

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Advertising and Marketing

Anderson Ottawa  ensures your property is on MLS & We promote all listings on social media platforms and various real estate groups for thousands of people to view.

Then vs Now

Blockbusters ➞ Netflix

KMART ➞ Amazon

Realtor Binders ➞  MLS Rolodex ➞ 

7% ➞ 6% ➞ 5% ➞ 3%

The world has changed a lot. So has full service real estate for less commission. 

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Your Money

"If I save $10,000 on one thing in my life, then I have $10,000 more to spend somewhere else." 

The core focus of Anderson Ottawa is to have people save money and be provided with a professional, honest, straight forward, full service approach. 

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What Anderson Ottawa Does For You

  • MLS® Listing (

  • Professional photography

  • Expert Realtor® in your area

  • Comprehensive market analysis

  • Free evaluation of your property

  • Strategic list price

  • Experienced negotiation skills

  • Secure lock box and professional signage

  • 24hr booking service

  • Professional feedback

  • Open houses

  • Photo preparation Professional staging consultation (if required)

  • Listing promotion to 1000s of people through various social media platforms

  • Service around the clock

  • No obligation to buy

  • Payment only due upon a successful sale

  • Co-operation with all brokerages

Let us help save you money.
Give us a call today!

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